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Form and Function 

Our Crosswater team has a lifetime of industry experience, a deep appreciation for great design, and a passion for collaborating with clients to build exceptional homes. We craft your vision into the home of your dreams.



We bring your dream home to reality, turn concepts into drawings, transform designs into details, and maintain timelines and budget. We give shape to your inspiration, and a plan for achieving your goals.



Over the past four decades Crosswater has been immersed in the building industry and gained vital knowledge in homebuilding.  From our simplest designs to our most complicated, the details are what makes a difference.  We apply our experience to every aspect of the building process to ensure our homes are beautiful, function, and last a lifetime. 

Seeing the Crosswater team on-site and in action clearly differentiates them from other builders I've worked with. Their hands-on approach, and their excellent communication with clients in both design and logistics sets them apart. 
~Shannon K
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Built & Loved 

This gallery of featured images reflects our joy in building custom homes throughout the vibrant communities and styles of the Pacific Northwest.

We build homes that are beautiful and timeless

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